Thought I’d share some highlights from my first experience of the photographers’ pit at London Fashion Week this week. Not a pit in actuality, but a remarkably small raked area where all the press huddle together at the business end of the catwalk.

You could be forgiven for thinking that catwalk photography sounds like an easy task but you’d be sorely mistaken. Apart from the exacting photographic requirements demanded by the fashion industry the main challenge that I hadn’t quite expected was having to battle the equivalent of a Rancor. Not the fictional beast but the scrum of other snappers all hungry to get that perfect spot to shoot from. The ideal spots for the main guys shooting for the likes of Vogue and Getty were marked out well in advance along with a few others radiating out from front-middle leaving the rest of us squabbling over the remaining square footage. Arriving early in order to bag a space is no guarantee of success either, I found that the playground tactics simply become more brazen the closer you get to showtime so it really pays to stand your ground!